Bulk Extreme Review: Does It Really Work?

November 2023
bulk extreme

Are you looking for the best way to gain muscle mass? Then you should definitely keep on reading.

In this article, we explain whether the Bulk Extreme pills are really effective.

Furthermore, it is possible to share your own experience/review below in the comments.

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What is Bulk Extreme?

bulk extreme

Bulk Extreme is a preparation for muscle mass, made of natural plant extracts. Because of this, you can use the pills without the nasty side effects. Also, you can purchase Bulk Extreme without a prescription.

What makes Bulk Extreme better than all other products, is the fact that the forumula is patented.

Bulk Extreme contains the very best and purest ingredients: Momordicin®, KSM-66®, Selenium SeLECT®, Nettle leaf, Maca, Alfalfa, Shilajit, Ginseng, Saw palmetto, Beta-sitosterol and 3 other active ingredients.

Because of this powerful composition, Bulk Extreme is the way to build a lot of muscle mass fast.

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  • Gain 4-6 kg of muscle mass in 3 months
  • Best supplement for more muscle growth
  • Causes higher testosterone levels
  • Most increase in strength
  • Improved recovery
  • 100% natural and safe
  • Does not contain harmful substances
  • No side effects
  • Scientifically proven to be effective

Does it really work?

We often receive the question whether the Bulk Extreme pills really work.

We can give you a short answer to this question, and this answer is: Yes, definitely!

How did we get to this conclusion? First of all, we tested the composition on scientific evidence.

Multiple scientific studies show that Bulk Extreme stimulates muscle growth and strength [1] [2].

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Furthermore, I ordered the pills myself, and used them for 3 months.

I followed a 3-day full body schedule for 3 months. My bench, squat and deadlift increased by 15% during that time.

In those 3 months I have packed on 5 kg of muscle mass.

Right now, I haven’t used Bulk Extreme for a couple of months, and I didn’t lose strength or a single gram of muscle mass.

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How to use Bulk Extreme

Bulk Extreme is very easy to use:

Take 1 capsule in the morning.

Take 2 capsules after strength training or during lunch.

Where can I buy it?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Bulk Extreme in physical stores. It is only available on the official website. Therefore, pay attention to where you buy the product, there are many fake stores that are trying to scam you.

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During the purchasing process, you can choose to pay immediately, or pay later.

The shipment costs are dependent on the paying method:

  • Paying later = €12,-
  • Paying immediately (iDEAL, CREDITCARD, SOFORT, BANCONTACT) = €7,-


There are many supplements for sale that promise to give you more muscle mass. Most of these methods do not work and are a waste of your money.

From all supplements on the market that I have tested, Bulk Extreme is the best supplement for increasing muscle mass.

Bulk Extreme contains more than 12 active high-dosed ingredients. Furthermore, Bulk Extreme is the only supplement of which the efficiency has been proven in multiple clinical studies.

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Do you want to read the experiences of other Bulk Extreme users? Check out the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bulk Extreme work?

Bulk Extreme causes an increase in the male hormone, which leads to easier buildup of muscle mass and more strength.

When will I see the results?

After the first month you will be able to see results. After 6 months, you will see the best results.

Is Bulk Extreme safe?

Definitely! Bulk Extreme is completely safe and free of side effects.

Do I need a PCT?

No, Bulk Extreme is 100% natural and does not interfere with hormone regulation.


  1. Hi everyone, I’m going to buy Bulk Extreme and I’ll use it for 3 months. I hope that I can build a lot of muscle mass, I want to go on a vacation in 4 months. I will keep you updated!

    • Hey Logan, it has now been 2 months since you started, could you give an update? I’m thinking of starting with Bulk Extreme as well.

      • Hi Brandon! I’m sorry for the late update, I have been very busy with work. I am now in my 3rd month of Bulk Extreme. So far, I am very happy with the results. All my compound lifts have improved, and I believe I have gained 4 kg in pure muscle mass. My girlfriend noticed that I have become a lot more muscular. I think that I will place another order for Bulk Extreme as soon as I come back from my vacation.

  2. I have been using Bulk Extreme for 1,5 weeks now. About 2-4 pills/day. There is a NOTICABLE increase of my strength. I also notice that my libido has increased, hehe.

    • Hi Josh,

      Yes, your strength increases very quickly with Bulk Extreme. And the increase in libido is always a nice bonus 😉

  3. Peter O'Sullivan

    42 years old and this stuff has given me more definition in my shoulders, chest, arms, and legs. I train 4 times a day with a maximum of 40 minutes. So happy with the results.


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