5 Best Weight Loss Pills that Truly Work in 2024

July 2024
weight loss

If you want to lose weight, you have probably thought about buying weight loss/diet pills. Almost everyone wants to lose a little weight. Maybe you want to lose that extra bit of fat to get ready for summer, or maybe you just want to slim down to feel better and become more confident.

There are a lot of methods available today to help you lose weight. For example, there are many different types of strict diets and workout routines that you can use.

In many cases, just eating the right foods or doing plenty of exercise may not be enough. That is why diet pills exist, they are designed to help you lose weight.

Now you are probably thinking of the followings questions:

“What if these pills are bad for my health?”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

In this article, we are going to tell you why you don’t have to worry about weight loss pills. We are also going to list the best pills available on the market, based on our experience and the experiences of others. So, keep reading to find out!

Effective diet pills

There are a lot of slimming pills on the market. Many of those pills are just full of junk and don’t work at all. This is true for the majority of pills you can buy in stores.

If you take BAD weight loss pills, it can have severe consequences on your health.

That is why it is useful to always do proper research before you buy weight loss pills. Who knows – you might unknowingly be buying pills that will affect your health.

So, which type of weight loss pills does actually work?

The type of pills that actually help with weight loss usually work in these three ways:

  • Reduce appetite: Makes you feel fuller after a meal.
  • Reduce absorption: Fat is absorbed less quickly.
  • Increase your metabolism: Increases the burning of your bodyfat.

The type of pills that are actually effective are usually made from plant extracts and fibre.

The Top 5 Weight Loss Pills

All of the best weight loss pills in the list below are arranged by quality and effectivity. Why? We think quality is much more important than price. Never save money when it is about your health.

Disclaimer: All supplements in our Top 5 list are based on scientific sources and the results achieved by our customers. We cannot guarantee the outcomes stated in this article. Results may vary from person to person.
No.NameWeight loss in 5 weeks
1All Day Burn13-35 pounds (6-16 kg)
2Keto Actives11-26 pounds (5-12 kg)
3Fast Burn Extreme11-22 pounds (5-10 kg)
4Piperinox9-20 pounds (4-9 kg)
5Green Tea Extract4-9 pounds (2-4 kg)

1. All Day Burn

As personal trainers and nutritionists, we are always looking for new supplements to help our customers. The best slimming pills that we have tested are the All Day Burn pills.

All Day Burn

These pills contain the most potent natural slimming ingredients: Indian nettle extract, green tea extract, bitter orange extract, paprika extract, garcinia cambogia extract, caffeine, vitamin B6 and chrome.

Several scientific studies show that All Day Burn pills can give 2-3 kg of weight loss per week [1] [2].

Since these pills have received a lot of attention from scientists and the press, we decided to test them for ourselves to see if they help with weight loss.

Warning: The All Day Burn pills are incredibly aggressive. Choose the Keto Actives pills if you prefer slower and more balanced weight loss

All Day BurnAfter my break with my ex-boyfriend, I had gained almost 38 kg. I was sure that the All Day Burn pills would help me lose weight. Since I am a nutritionist, I had already done a lot of research on them.

I ordered the All Day Burn pills online. I purchased three packs because there is currently a temporary promotion running on their website. If you buy three bottles of All Day Burn, you will receive three bottles for free. In total, you will receive six bottles, of which three are free. In my opinion it is a wise decision to take advantage of this offer and get extra pills for free as they will undoubtedly come in handy later.

I was very happy with the discrete packaging and delivery; I couldn’t see or guess what was inside the package once it was delivered the next day.

I took 2 pills daily before breakfast for 5 months. This made me feel less hungry and didn’t feel like snacking. During this period of time, I quickly became full after every meal. I just felt that my body was burning the fats away. After 5 months, I had lost 35 kg.

sarah before after
My before and after

For me personally, 35 kg in 5 months was a bit too fast. I would have preferred to lose 1 kg every week. But for my overweight clients, this would be the perfect solution. Most of my overweight clients lose 5-16 kg in 5 weeks.

With All Day Burn, you can naturally lose weight very aggressively and quickly.

In brief:

  • Strongest diet pills
  • 100% natural and healthy
  • Reduces appetite and makes you fuller after a meal [3]
  • Helps you live longer [4]
  • Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease [5]
  • Protects your brain [6]
  • Burn fat [7]
  • Lose 13-35 pounds (6-16 kg) in 5 weeks

View the prices of All Day Burn here >>

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2. Keto Actives

These are the best diet pills for those who want to lose weight fast.

keto actives

Since 2019, the main components of this product line have been linoleic acid, caffeine, ashwagandha root extract, cumin extract, wild mint extract, Indian nettle root extract and green coffee bean extract.

Keto Actives will get your body into fat-burning mode very quickly (Ketose). These slimming pills are currently one of the most popular weight loss supplements in the world.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Reduces appetite and hunger pangs [8]
  • Increases metabolism [9]
  • Burn fat [10]

Scientific studies show that Keto Actives can certainly help with weight loss [11].

Many of my clients have successfully used Keto Actives pills to lose a lot of weight. Most lose as much as 5-12 kg within 5 weeks.

View the prices of Keto Actives here >>

3. Fast Burn Extreme

The Fast Burn Extreme pills are excellent weight loss pills. You can lose weight in a 100% natural way.

fast burn extreme

The ingredients in Fast Burn Extreme are Syneprine and Garcinia Cambogia.

  • Helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels [15] [16]
  • It helps your body to lose weight [17]
  • Garcinia Cambogia suppresses your appetite [18]

Synephrine helps with weight loss by reducing hunger and appetite [9] [10].

Garcinia Cambogia became very popular in 2012. This was because Dr Oz declared it as a weight-loss miracle pill.

Many studies have been done; it appears that Garnicia Cambogia can certainly help with weight loss [22].

Be careful not to buy the Garcinia Cambogia pills from a drug store. The drugstores often sell low-dose variants that are entirely not worth the money.

View the prices of the Fast Burn Extreme here >>

4. Piperinox

The Piperinox pills are powerful diet pills pills. These pills contain one of the best natural ingredients to lose weight quickly and effectively.


  • Scientifically proven effective
  • Reduces appetite and makes you fuller after a meal [12]
  • Fights and prevents cancer [13]

The active ingredients in Piperinox are BioPerine®, cinnamon bark extract, ginger root extract, bitter orange extract, paprika extract, guarana seed extract and chrome.

BioPerine® is a patented, active ingredient that comes from the black pepper fruit. This substance is essential for slimming. Once taken, BioPerine® will significantly increase your metabolism.

Piperinox is the perfect way to lose weight naturally and quickly. There are so many health benefits to this substance that I could write an entire article about it.

View the prices of Piperinox here >>

5. Green Tea Extract

The fifth pill in our Top 10 Best diet pills is the Green Tea Extract Pills.

green tea extract

What is Green Tea Extract, and what does it have to do with slimming? Does it really work?

The ingredients in the Green Tea Extract pills are the extract itself.

Green Tea Extract contains caffeine and a lot of antioxidants. These active substances help to increase metabolism so that you can lose weight [23] [24].

Do not buy Green Tea diet pills from the drugstore. These are of inferior quality and are dosed low.

We recommend buying Green Tea Extract pills from Amazon, these are of very high quality and very dosed.

Green Tea Extract has a lot of health benefits:

  • Fat burning [25]
  • Protects your brain [26]
  • Protects against cancer [27]

View the prices of Green Tea Extract here.

Frequently asked questions about diet pills.

What are weight loss pills?

As the names indicate, they are pills that help you lose weight. These pills contain active substances that help you lose weight and lose weight. You can find them everywhere nowadays: at the local drugstore and even online. There are a lot of diet pills that can also be harmful to you. So be careful and read on our website which pills are best.

How do diet pills work?

There are active substances in the pills that ensure that you have less appetite, burn more fat, absorb less fat from the diet and sit fuller after a meal.

Are weight loss pills safe?

Many weight loss pills are safe, but there are also a lot of pills that are harmful to your health. Always do your own research before getting such pills.

How to choose the right diet pills

There are many different types of weight-loss drugs and supplements on the market, but there can be many risks involved in taking these products. You should consult your doctor before starting weight loss pills. Your doctor may be able to recommend a prescription that can help with weight loss.

Weight Loss Pills
Dr. Sarah Jones is a registered Nutritionist. Dr. Jones earned her Master of Applied Human Nutrition. Dr. Jones also holds a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I received the All Day Burn pills today. I am very curious to find out how much weight I can lose with it. I would like to lose 13 kg asap

    • Hi Ana,

      Good luck!! Drink plenty of water!



      • Hi there everyone,

        I just wanted to give an update. After 5 weeks I already saw some difference in my body weight.

        I have combined the All Day Burn pills with a good diet and have already lost 12 kg!

        For the people who are unsure, just buy and try. If you are not satisfied you will get your money back from the manufacturer!

        Here is a before and after photo from a while ago.

        https://imgur.com/a/ub8CFa4 (I couldn’t upload a photo so it had to be done through another site)

  2. Thanks for this amazing article!

    I started taking All Day Burn two weeks ago.

    I have already lost 3.5 kg

    I hope it continues like this, my goal is to lose 20 kg.

    • Hi Isabel,

      I am very happy for you with your results. Keep going!

  3. Hey Sarah,

    Thank you for your recommendation! All Day Burn really worked for me. I lost weight drastically. 10 kg in 4 weeks. It is a bit pricey but definitely worth the money!

    • Hi Celine,

      The All Day Burn pills indeed work very well, they are definitely worth the price. I am very happy to hear that you lost a good amount of weight.

  4. I recently started taking the All Day Burn pills and they do work incredibly well. My midnight cravings were suddenly gone and I feel very satiated after breakfast with these pills!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I have already lost 4 kg with the All Day Burn slimming pills. Now I am wondering… can I also take 3 pills a day? Is this more effective?

    • Hello Dina,

      Nice results. Keep it up!

      Please don’t exceed the daily dosage of 2 capsules.

  6. You can mix it with water or with gravy / juice ?




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